Pool Inspection Service

Conducting a pool inspection is crucial, especially when you're about to purchase a new home. Considering the significant investment involved in pools, it's wise to avoid unexpected repair costs post-purchase. This is exactly why a thorough pool inspection is a smart choice.

When selecting an inspector, it's important to choose a company that is NSPF Certified Pool Inspector certified. Good news – Southern Shores Pool Company fits this criterion. Additionally, ensure that they have error and omissions insurance, which we are also equipped with.

A pool inspection is not only for new home purchases; it's also useful for assessing the current condition of your pool's equipment. As a licensed pool contractor, we bring added value by identifying code compliance issues, such as non-compliant drain covers or ungrounded timers. Contact us to handle your pool inspection needs effectively.

Home Purchase

Owning a home with a pool can be incredibly rewarding, yet it can also become a persistent challenge if the pool is not well-maintained. For homebuyers, it's wise to conduct a pool inspection, as general home inspections often overlook pools or don't provide the same level of detail. Our pool inspections are comprehensive, examining every aspect of your pool to ensure you're making a well-informed investment. Avoid the hassle of inheriting pool problems – get a thorough inspection first!

Insurance Purposes

Pool inspections can also be beneficial for your home insurance. Having a professional confirm your pool's optimal condition could potentially lower insurance rates by demonstrating that your pool is not a high liability. This assurance can be an important factor in your insurance assessment.

NSPF CPI Certified: This certification ensures the company you choose will do a thorough and quality inspection for your pool. You should know everything about the condition of the pool and it's equipment when buying a home. Why risk it? Let us help your pool buying experience be worry free! View our CPI certification here!

Pool Equipment Evaluation

For those new to pool ownership or if you've never owned a pool before, understanding your pool equipment is crucial. This equipment is vital for keeping your pool water safe and clean. Don't risk your family's safety; a professional inspection can ensure your equipment functions properly.

Be at Ease with Your Pool

Constantly worrying about your pool's condition can be draining. Questions like "Should my equipment be making that noise?" or "Why isn't the water circulating properly?" can be distressing. A professional inspection can alleviate these concerns, providing clear explanations and solutions. We’re here to assist and guide you every step of the way.