Pool School Service

If you're a hands-on, do-it-yourself enthusiast, our professional pool school is an invaluable resource. It equips you with the knowledge to effectively manage your pool, reducing the likelihood of encountering issues. You'll no longer rely blindly on pool store recommendations; instead, you'll understand what products are truly necessary for your pool. Plus, with our chemical delivery service, you can conveniently receive pool chemicals right at your doorstep, eliminating the need to visit a store. Pool maintenance involves more than just adding chlorine and cleaning out the skimmer basket. Our pool school covers a variety of topics, including:

  1. Understanding Pool Chemistry: Learn about the role of different chemicals in your pool, appropriate levels, dosing, and which chemicals should not be mixed.
  2. Handling Pool Equipment: We'll teach you how to test your water, interpret results, brush and vacuum your pool, and maintain your pool equipment.
  3. Adjusting Pool Flow: Want to operate just your spa, or adjust your pool's settings? We'll guide you on valve adjustments for optimal pool function.
  4. Troubleshooting: Learn to identify common issues like pump priming problems or poor circulation, and how to address them efficiently, saving time and money.

There's so much more to discover! We also offer a chemical delivery service to make pool maintenance even more convenient. Get all the necessary supplies, from parts to chemicals, delivered to you. Embrace the full benefits of our pool school at Southern Shores Pool Company. Contact us now to schedule your session!

Pool Chemistry

Understanding pool chemistry is crucial for proper swimming pool maintenance. Imbalance in chemical levels can lead to algae growth, cloudiness, or the proliferation of harmful bacteria. In our chemistry section, we cover essential topics including:

  1. What chemicals are tested in the pool industry.
  2. The correct ranges for each chemical.
  3. What chemicals affect in your pool.
  4. Baseline dosages for each chemical.
  5. Chemicals that should not be added together.
  6. When is it safe to swim after adding chemicals.
  7. ... and so much more!


Knowing the proper names of your pool components is essential when communicating with pool professionals. Phrases like 'that thingamajig from the wall' aren't very helpful. Our terminology section will help you get acquainted with the correct terms, discussing topics like:

  1. Each component of your pool structure. This includes things like the components of your pool, the type of material your pool is made of, type of tile, type of decking, etc.
  2. Each component of your filtration system. What it is and what it does for your pool.
  3. ... and so much more.

Cleaning Equipment

Owning the right equipment is one thing, but knowing how to use it effectively is another. In our cleaning equipment section, we delve into various aspects such as:

  1. Testing your pool water
  2. Adding chemicals to your pool
  3. Vacuuming your pool
  4. Brushing your pool
  5. Cleaning your tile
  6. Emptying baskets
  7. How to empty your leaf canister if you have one
  8. ... and so much more!

Adjusting Pool Settings

Mastering the control of your swimming pool is part of the fun. If you're unsure how to adjust valves to get your pool just as you like it, our instructional section is here to help. We'll cover topics including:

  1. What's a good run time for your pool.
  2. How to adjust your pools runtime.
  3. Which valves you need to turn in order to make just the spa work, pool work, etc.
  4. ... and so much more!

... And So Much More

There's a wealth of knowledge to gain about your swimming pool, too much to list in just one place. By attending a Southern Shores Pool School session, you'll gain an impressive understanding of your pool. Ready to dive deep into the world of pool care? Contact us now to schedule your appointment.